Craft (and Or) Lip gloss drawers

I saw this idea at the two peas gallery. A lady had inserted the inside of her craft drawers with scrapbook paper. My daughter and I did the drawers in her room where she keeps all of her lip glosses etc. Next up we will make the circle tags and then I can do my craft drawers. Hey Kristi I need to borrow your crop-a-dile!


This I made for a good friend of mine who is going to be a Grandma. I hope she does not check out my blog anytime soon! If she does I hope she likes it and I hope it is a BOY! I used my Cricut software and Base Camp cartridge.

Texas 1975

My sisters had a chance to go back to where we use to live in Texas. Wow it is amazing how a picture will take you back and flood you full of childhood memories. This was our first apartmenent (#143) in Garland, TX we lived there in 1975. I was seven years old at the time. Seeing these pictures really makes me think how important my scrapbooking is that I do for my kids. Right now they seem so so on it but looking at this picture I know that some day they will appreciate what I have made for them and they too will be flooded with childhood memories.